Good and Bad days

No day is emotionally stagnant .

We all go through amazing emotions in a day, hour or minute and yet we only notice the ‘bad ‘ones.  That then is how we classify the entire day.

The one emotion that came up, when we took a second to stop and feel controls our day and energy. – Off we go, on our little daily drama and frenetic pace, with that emotion as our guide.

We stop for a second, by accident, and pick up a feeling, then one of two things happen.

We either suppress that emotion, therefore suppressing any others we may have because suppression takes energy  or we live into that emotion and miss the others we may have.


We suppress it, push it aside, and pretend to be ‘happy’ putting on our ‘happy, positive spin for the day’.

This results in us using  up amazing amounts of emotional energy to keep this ‘depro’ state under cover.

To do this we  work more, do exercise, eat , take a pill, have a drink, spend money. – All in the pursuit of suppressing how we feel. We use whatever we can to suppress how we feel.

There are millions of posts, books, articles and speakers out there who tell us to

 ‘ pick yourself up, mind over matter, get up and go, don’t  let negative thoughts worry you, put them out of your mind and move on . It’s the only way to a successful lifw.


The more our attention is on suppression of a ‘bad’ emotion the more our energy flows to that negative feeling.

How does suppressing our emotions serve us in the pursuit of happiness. ?

We need to be happy to be successful. Success does not breed happiness (blog for another day)


Living in it

The second option is no better or worse than the suppression.

We can feel that ‘ bad’ feeling in the moment and it sends us on a downward spiral..

We search for reasons that made us feel so depro.

We justify our state of mind – tired, overworked, bad relationship, other people out to ruin my day, financial woes, don’t have enough. The misery becomes a comforting process so we spend huge amounts of energy staying there.. we do less, go home from work, have a nap, take a pill, have a drink,  eat, go to ‘ be alone’, to sort my mind out etc

Once again huge amount of energy are expended on this ‘ really bad day’ The attention is once again focused on  – how dreadful my life is, there is no way out, I don’t have the energy to fight with all these people anymore, I really need to up my meds. ‘ I cant work or be in company until I feel better’.

How does this spiral of self pity, blame and guilt serve me in my pursuit of happiness.

It takes an enormous amount of energy to ‘ignore ‘this emotion which only came along to help us have a balanced day

We ‘silently’ create a bad day, not even knowing what is happening to our bodies inside while we live dishonestly without authenticity.

We cannot even be honest or authentic to ourselves.

It takes an equally enormous amount of energy to fight this really ‘bad ‘feeling.


We have created this situation ourselves.

We have chosen one of these options and therefore are totally unaware how we got to this point or that there is a third option

The third option is directly linked to the cause.

Treating or living with symptoms is not in our best interest. This is the onset of all ill health mental,

Emotional and physical.

Our bodies react to where our attention is.

Finding the cause and treating that is our only options to live in happiness.

The cause is not outside of the self. The treatment is not outside of outside of the self.


The treatment is authenticity.

We need to know how we feel, we need to make a concerted effort to connect with ourselves and check how we feel.

Honour that emotion and know it has value – do not judge it, do not suppress it , do not live in it.


There are so many levels of good and bad emotions and once we name the feeling and begin to either suppress it or live it we get stuck there. Being stuck in a good or bad frame of mind is our worst enemy

When we make an effort to check in with the self, consciously, we open ourselves up to the cornucopia of emotions which are so vital to our happiness, growth , and self actualization.


Our emotions are never stagnant.

A moment of sadness is not a day of depression. A moment of excitement is not a day of exhilaration and success.

Its just a moment  and it is your choice how that moment is going to affect your hour , day or week.

Imagine if , when we feel happy, it could be better than that, and here we are stuck with this level of joy…there is more to life than mediocrity