Hi. My name is Melitta...

I was privileged to grow up with a very forward thinking intelligent mother and an inquisitive and questioning father both of whom encouraged me to question and explore what I ‘knew’.

I completed a nursing degree as I always knew that I wanted people to live to their full potential. I realized early on in my training that there was a fundamental missing link.

At no time was the entire person being treated (head, heart and body), even in psychology it was only a part of the person being attended to. I could also feel when I was listening to people that I had answers for them, ideas to try, a deeper understanding of what they were saying and yet my profession prevented me from expressing it and so I felt the person / patient received only part of the treatment required.

When I was qualified I started taking my learning a lot further, seeing proof of what I knew all around me in different healing modalities.

It became really obvious to me that above all else each person is unique, with different thought patterns, different ways of analyzing information, and different ways of expressing emotions. Not solely based on their upbringing, their culture, their religious beliefs or the events and situations which had impacted on their lives. This was such an “A-ha” moment; it then became my driving force.

We all react differently to similar situations because we are all unique. PNI teaching reinforced this. It is not the story but our reaction to the story which determines the effect on our lives.. The Sedona Method is the same theme. Wayne Dyer has the same theme. Louise Hayes has the same theme, and many more.

what makes my offering unique


It unfolds how unique we all are, how differently we gather and sort information, how uniquely we react to varied mental and emotional stressors/stimuli.

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A buzz word in the business world. This is very valuable but developing an understanding and respect for each individual is most important.

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We owe it to ourselves to seek guidance, coping skills and lifestyle techniques while we are still healthy. We are entitled to see our unique gifts and talents and how to use them.

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Psycho Neuro Immunology is the study of the effect of the mind on the body, emotions, health and disease. 

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Having completed my Medical Training in 1978 and continued with a Post Graduate Degree in Industrial Medicine. I worked in this capacity for 3 years. The job involved more personal motivation and psychological problem solving with staff members than nursing duties.

My involvement in Social upliftment and conflict management of factory workers, blue collar staff and management, resulted in working closely with Doctors, Social Workers, Medical Aids and Healthcare Institutions, Psychologists and Psychiatrists as well as Human Resources.

This environment brought me to the realization again that I needed to pursue my interest in the treatment of the unabridged person and other complimentary health options.

Melitta Wessels_Effective_Life

I spent the next 6 years studying, attending workshops and courses to increase my qualifications and knowledge while working for World Book as a Regional Manager. This provided valuable experience in Human Behaviour & Commerce.

Having two daughters and a successful marriage taught me many lessons along the way.

I have owned and managed a retail store for 14 years as well as my Effective Life practice.

I develop and  run Enneagram workshops, team building sessions and see individual private clients daily.

Recently the Skype coaching has taken my special talents global with clients in Australia, Germany and Bangkok.

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other qualifications and certifications

  • F.A.M.S.A Councelling Course
  • Advanced First Aid Course
  • Auric Healing Course
  • Accredited Bach Flower Remedy Advisor
  • Certified Tissue Salt Advisor
  • Qualified Psycho Neuro-Immunology Facilitator
  • Enneagram Facilitator and Profiler