"Enneagram unfolds how unique we all are, how differently we gather and sort information, how uniquely we react to varied mental and emotional stressors/stimuli."

The Enneagram can be defined as a map of the human psyche.

It is the most phenomenal tool in understanding ourselves and others thereby alleviating conflict & misunderstanding in ourselves as well as others whom we are in relationships with.This includes colleagues, partners, friends, children and parents.


The grasping of who we are opens so many doors to:

  • How we relate to others
  • How we react to situations
  • How we manage our stress and heartache
  • It affects how we manage our success as well as our failures
  • It shows us how to tap into our gifts to enrich our lives mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

Our individuality can be our greatest gift or our worst enemy and the effects of our personality on our lives is happening anyway consciously or subconsciously.

what the enneagram gives you

  • An understanding of exactly what makes you tick, what motivates you and what unravels/triggers you

  • Use this knowledge to make significant shifts in your mindset and relationships

  • Live Effectively

Enneagram Basic Workshops


Our personalities make us unique individuals.

We each wear a different coat and it works well most of the time but we begin to over wear it and then it no longer works as well. Once we understand our individual coat we can use it more appropriately.


This workshop is the beginning of that understanding

  • It is the introduction to understanding and comprehending of the Enneagram and its value in our lives.
  • It opens our awareness  of  the individual personalities we deal with daily including and most importantly ourselves.
  • We learn to see our gifts and interact with others and their talents.
  • We see how much of our inner gifts we have forgotten

Spiritual workshops

How does my type affect my personal spirituality? Where will I doubt my faith and how will I compare the strength of my faith or spirituality to others?

This is important when relating to our own beliefs about ourselves.

This is non-denominational and deals only with the personality and how it manages our personal religious beliefs.

Nurture Workshops

This workshop takes an in-depth look at all the ‘forgotten’ talents and strengths we all posses.

It is a further growing process to bring us closer to living effective lives with awareness and passion.

Teenage Introduction Workshops

Introducing the enneagram and its development value to teenagers.

This stage of our lives we are seeking to
- Know Ourselves
- Be Individuals
- Be My Own Person

How you incorporate this knowledge in your life is totally personal.