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Melitta Wessels…Effective Life coach

Our goal is the growth and development of individuals, families, couples and businesses.

It is important to understand that other people are not a defective version of ourselves and we are not a lesser version of others

We strive – to nurture and empower people to live an effective, balanced and constructive life.

We teach bespoke skills to unique individuals to achieve specific results


Melitta Wessels_Effective_Life

I was privileged to grow up with a very forward thinking intelligent mother and an inquisitive and questioning father both of whom encouraged me to question and explore what I ‘knew’.

I completed a nursing degree as I always knew that I wanted people to live to their full potential. I realized early on in my training that there was a fundamental missing link.

At no time was the entire person being treated (head, heart and body), even in psychology it was only a part of the person being attended to. I could also feel when I was listening to people that I had answers for them, ideas to try, a deeper understanding of what they were saying and yet my profession prevented me from expressing it and so I felt the person / patient received only part of the treatment required.

When I was qualified I started taking my learning a lot further, seeing proof of what I knew all around me in different healing modalities.

It became really obvious to me that above all else each person is unique, with different thought patterns, different ways of analyzing information, and different ways of expressing emotions. Not solely based on their upbringing, their culture, their religious beliefs or the events and situations which had impacted on their lives. This was such an “A-ha” moment; it then became my driving force.

We all react differently to similar situations because we are all unique. PNI teaching reinforced this. It is not the story but our reaction to the story which determines the effect on our lives.. The Sedona Method is the same theme. Wayne Dyer has the same theme. Louise Hayes has the same theme, and many more.

How am I unique?

I endeavour to combine, adjust and adapt all the teaching with my own knowing and impart that as an empowering unique individual tool to my clients.

The Enneagram gave me fantastic guidelines into this uniqueness. Taking the teaching  a step further, all types are also not the same, we are unique within our type. I studied Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Auric Healing, and any other complimentary modality I could lay my hands on. They all proved what we know inside ourselves.

‘We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?

The big light that shone on my path was from an Aroma therapist / Reflexologist / Mentor / Guru / Holistic Therapist, who, after my parents were killed in an accident said to me:

“You have all the medical; technical and intellectual information you need, and your strongest asset is your intuition. There are things you know, and it is your responsibility to make that available to others”

So my practical journey began. I had to start ’walking my talk’ helping people to

  • Inspire themselves
  • To achieve what they knew they could, but weren’t recognizing their abilities and gifts.

I never forget the value of medicine; I never forget the value of our upbringing or our belief systems.

I have no desire to change anyone I only know I can help you empower and understand yourself to live an effective life which equates to success, happiness, good relationships, good parenting and personal growth

Identify Whats Holding You Back

  • Are you struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Difficult relationships, Low self worth, Loss?

  • Are you finding the daily grind of living and working just too difficult to handle?

  • Do you feel you should be leading a more Effective Life?

  • Do you feel like an emotionally healthy person but struggling to find direction and enjoyment in your life?


At Effective Life, our passion is to nurture and empower people to lead an effective, constructive and contented life.

We are all dealt different cards in our lives which will leave a mark on our lives and our psyche whether we are aware of it or not, be it positive or negative. Both effects have great value to our growth.

Our aim is to help people identify  these marks, to adapt and shift them or use them so that we can go through life with conscious awareness.

Our holistic approach to our clients is directed  at:

  • The psyche
  • The emotions
  • The behaviour patterns,
  • The conscious and sub-conscious thoughts  and their effect on the body.

Coaching is tailored to you as an individual which is why we provide various alternatives that fit into your lifestyle

  • Individual Sessions
  • Families or Groups
  • Workshops
  • Remote Sessions

Melitta prides herself in individualizing her work and guidance to the uniqueness of  her clients


  • Relationship Assistance  & Mediation
  • Personal life Guidance
  • Business mindfulness
  • Family Counselling & Development
  • Parental Guidance
  • Teenager Motivation

Many times we feel that we need help but  are not necessarily non functional so we put ourselves aside and press on which eventually leads to overwhelming stress and ill health where medication seems the only answer.

We owe it to ourselves to seek  guidance, coping skills and lifestyle techniques while we are still healthy.

We are entitled to see our unique gifts and talents and how to use them.

“You know it’s all inside and you only need me to remind you.”

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  • Relationships
  • Relationship Assistance & Counselling
  • Mentoring
  • Guidance
  • Family Counselling
  • Parental Counselling
  • Teenager and Couples Counselling
  • Auto Immune Diseases and Illnesses
  • PNI
  • Enneagram and General Life Coaching & Mentoring .

Many times we feel that we need help but  are not necessarily non functional so we put ourselves aside and press on which eventually leads to overwhelming stress and ill health where medication seems the only answer.  We owe it to ourselves to seek guidance, coping skills and lifestyle techniques while we are still healthy. We are entitled to see our unique gifts and talents and how to use them. You know it all inside  and only need me to remind you.

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The Enneagram can be defined as a map of the human psyche.

It unfolds how unique we all are, how differently we gather and sort information, how uniquely we react to varied mental and emotional stressors/stimuli.

What the Enneagram gives you:

  1. An understanding of exactly what makes you tick, what motivates you and what unravels/triggers you
  2. Use this knowledge to make significant shifts in your mindset and relationships
  3. Live Effectively

Workshops & Classes

  • Enneagram Basics
  • Nurture course
  • Spiritual workshop
  • Team Building
  • Teenage Introduction Workshop
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Psycho Neuro Immunology is the study of the effect of the mind on the body, emotions, health and disease. The understanding of the interaction between the psychological processes (the mind) and our immune system in the body to generate health.

The importance of the relationship between stress and the physiological effects of the body.

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Psycho Neuro Immunology is the study of the effect of the mind on the body, emotions, health and disease. The understanding of the interaction between the psychological processes (the mind) and our immune system in the body to generate health.

The importance of the relationship between stress and the physiological effects of the body.

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Large amounts of time, energy and money are spent on brand development .

The buzz word in the business world has been skills development and team building. These are very valuable but developing an understanding and respect for each individual has to be the beginning of Developing the greatest asset  in any business…PEOPLE.

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Prior to meeting Melitta, I had faced 15 years of paralysing depression and anxiety. Over the years, I saw a series of doctors, psychologists and therapists — at times there was some relief but I never felt that I was getting to the “heart of the matter”. All this changed when I was fortunate enough to meet Melitta. There were no short cuts and over the course of a few months, Melitta worked with me, using surgical precision, to get to the root causes of my challenges. Melitta gives to you everything thing that she has — at times Melitta was following up on my progress on a daily basis (way beyond the call of duty). Apart from her excellent technical skills, Melitta brings a lot more into the bargain — keen intuitive skills, experience gained whilst working as a psychiatric nurse, warmth/caring and a hefty dose of humour. In addition, Melitta taught me some valuable skills to better cope with the thinking process and my emotions. The investment I made in my time with Melitta could just be the best investment in myself to date. Melitta is a superstar and comes highly recommended.

Rory | Accountant


It took me 42 years to realize that there are other people who think, act and react the same way as I do.  The content of the Enneagram course gave me insight into my, and others’ individuality.  When I “found myself”, the sense of belonging was overwhelmingly comforting.

The recognition of how different and yet how similar we are is a revelation to me daily


The complexities of both, good and bad life experiences, that shape me, are gently unraveled in these deeply insightful and often necessarily painful, private sessions.

What lies beneath these complexities in me are wonderfully and fearfully individualistic. And I go so far as to say it is a sin not to discover who God intended to be.

Melitta you unfolded this for me. With gratitude and Kind regards

 – Michele Jünger 

I met Melitta +- 5 years ago. I met her at just the right time in my life, I was young and needed some guidance. I started the enneagram course with her over eight weeks. The enneagram was a real game changer for me. Melitta used the enneagram as a tool to help me find my strengths and weaknesses and to really work with them to the best of my ability. She allowed me to be my own person but guided me where I needed. She coached me on a business level as well as a personal level. Our sessions were always fun and I left feeling with a renewed sense of hope that whatever challenges I faced I was strong enough to overcome them. She taught me hard work and patience and often pushed me way out of my comfort zone, for this I will always be grateful, because it helped me to see new horizons and possibilities that I never knew existed. She is a wonderful person with a world full of knowledge and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to journey on a path of bettering themselves. She is a real gem!

 – Courtneigh Grundlingh

Working with Melitta has been life changing. I have been working with Melitta for 3 years and she has given me the tools and insights and techniques to make some radical shifts in my life to become a more balanced, centered and empowered version of myself.

She has constantly provided me with love and support throughout our journey and work through my dark side and down times.

I love Melitta and our weekly check in sessions.

 – Kirsten | Australia

I have known Melitta for years, being in school and friends with her daughter, in essence she has seen me grow up and has witnessed the person I have become today, trials and tribulations included!

To say the Enneagram teachings and Melitta changed my life, and the way I think/thought, would be an understatement.

Melitta is the most non-judgmental, deep, kind, knowledgeable, intelligent, modest and patient woman, who I am lucky to call family in my life. She not only opened my eyes to the way we should all be living our lives, by being present, accepting and being our best selves, but also to forgive our past mistakes, and people, to understand why we did /do certain things in our lives at that time and how we should keep learning, creating and evolving from the challenges we all face.

Melitta’s guidance, and mentorship over the last 3 years has transformed me to my core.

Having dealt with much of my personal “stuff” (a constant work in progress as we face obstacles daily that test us), I have retained Melitta in my business capacity as well. The Enneagram is an invaluable and intricate part of my business. I am in the Recruitment industry, dealing with various people every day from all sides of the spectrum, the guidelines I receive from Melitta make my job that much easier and enables the business to flow in the correct sequence so I can focus on expanding it.

The Enneagram also teaches you why people do things a certain way, and how you react, shapes you, your intention, as well as theirs is the foundation of the teachings.

Melitta, I wish you all the happiness, joy and contentment for your new venture. You have given me all of this and more, it is time the shoe is on the other foot.

 – Candice Macdougall | Complement Recruitment


May 2018


Having completed my Medical Training in 1978 and continued with a Post Graduate Degree in Industrial Medicine. I worked in this capacity for 3 years. The job involved more personal motivation and psychological problem solving with staff members than nursing duties.

My involvement in Social upliftment and conflict management of factory workers, blue collar staff and management, resulted in working closely with Doctors, Social Workers, Medical Aids and Healthcare Institutions, Psychologists and Psychiatrists as well as Human Resources.

This environment brought me to the realization again that I needed to pursue my interest in the treatment of the unabridged person and other complimentary health options.

I spent the next 6 years studying, attending workshops and courses to increase my qualifications and knowledge while working for World Book as a Regional Manager. This provided valuable experience in Human Behaviour & Commerce.

Having two daughters and a successful marriage taught me many lessons along the way.

I have owned and managed a retail store for 14 years as well as my Effective Life practice.

I develop and  run Enneagram workshops, team building sessions and see individual private clients daily.

Recently the Skype coaching has taken my special talents global with clients in Australia, Germany and Bangkok.

Other Qualifications and Certifications Include

  • F.A.M.S.A Counselling Course

  • Advanced First Aid Course

  • Auric Healing Course

  • Accredited Bach Flower Remedy Advisor

  • Certified Tissue salt advisor

  • Qualified Psycho Neuro-Immunology Facilitator

  • Enneagram facilitator and profiler


Please complete the contact form below and we will be on contact with you shortly. We encourage you to send us as much information as possible to enable us to assist you best.