Our goal is the growth and development of individuals, families, couples and businesses.

We strive to nurture and empower people to live an effective, balanced and constructive life.

identify what is holding you back

Are you finding the daily grind of living and working just too difficult to handle? Are you struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Difficult relationships, Low self worth, Loss?  Do you feel you should be leading a more Effective Life?  Do you feel like an emotionally healthy person but struggling to find direction and enjoyment in your life?


We are all dealt different cards in life which will leave a mark on our lives and our psyche whether we are aware of it or not, be it positive or negative. Both effects have great value to our growth.


Our aim is to help people identify these marks, to adapt and shift them or use them so that we can go through life with conscious awareness.

what makes our offering uniqe

Coaching is tailored to you as an individual which is why we provide various alternatives that fit into your lifestyle


Psycho Neuro-Immunology (or PNI)  is the study of the effect of the mind on the body, emotions, health and disease. The understanding of the interaction between the psychological processes (the mind) and our immune system in the body to generate health.

The importance of the relationship between stress and the physiological effects of the body.


The Enneagram can be defined as a map of the human psyche. It unfolds how unique we all are, how differently we gather and sort information, how uniquely we react to varied mental and emotional stressors/stimuli.

What the Enneagram gives you:
An understanding of exactly what makes you tick, what motivates you and what unravels/triggers you
Use this knowledge to make significant shifts in your mindset and relationships
Live Effectively


Many times we feel that we need help but are not necessarily non functional so we put ourselves aside and press on which eventually leads to overwhelming stress and ill health where medication seems the only answer.

We owe it to ourselves to seek guidance, coping skills and lifestyle techniques while we are still healthy.


Large amounts of time, energy and money are spent on brand development. 
The buzz word in the business world has been skills development and team building. These are very valuable but developing an understanding and respect for each individual has to be the beginning of Developing the greatest asset  in any business…PEOPLE.

Melitta Wessels_Effective_Life

Hi. My name is Melitta...

I was privileged to grow up with a very forward thinking intelligent mother and an inquisitive and questioning father both of whom encouraged me to question and explore what I ‘knew’.

I completed a nursing degree as I always knew that I wanted people to live to their full potential. I realised early on in my training that there was a fundamental missing link.

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