Walking into 2019

walking into a new year

 The beginning of 2019 brings with it new opportunities in every aspect of our lives. Every year is the same and yet we seem to end up at the end of the year in the same place as the end of the previous year. Some things have changed but many haven’t and the reason for that US .

WE need to point our attention inwards to effect the lasting shift we so want in our lives.


We will pay attention to ourselves and those around us. We will pay attention to sitting, standing walking. Eating, resting and working.

When we find ourselves lost in inattention, distraction or judgment, we will wake up and start again from that point – From right here inside our” lost’ness.

 We always begin again from wherever we find ourselves and it doesn’t matter where that is , it doesn’t matter how lost or mistaken we seem to be , for there is something wide and boundless in which we live, in which we cannot be lost. 

This open space is not something we can get or achieve nor can we lose it for it does not depend on us.

It’s already here in the beating of our uncertain heart and in the coming and going of our breath.

It is the power of knowing within.

When the words we hear or read end,  we let them go.

 If we rely on them instead of our own experience, we have been caught in the supreme swindle itself – the loss of our own power.

Tread carefully with intention into your wold