Life doesn’t happen to us.


Life presents us with opportunities, insights and gifts.


We have the choice of what to do with them.

Many of us have the same things ‘happen’ to us and yet each of us has a different result.


What is the difference?

The difference is  in how we view the event  and what resources we each have to manage the ‘thing.’

We don’t all have the same resources but we do have the ones we need.


Let us not envy others ‘easy’ life or their ‘greater’ strength or the ‘better’ resources they have.

We have our own resources  and we need to honour what we have.

When my  energy is spent in the area of envy or blame I will be  stuck in the problem.

This is exactly how we lose our choices and our strengths


We have the choice to  take what we are GIVEN and make good use of that gift.

What we gain from each situation is up to us but let us ensure that it is our choice .

‘ I GOT ‘   is a negative thought.

It keeps us stuck in victim mode where we have no power or options.

It keeps us focused on what others have done to us or what life has dumped on us.

I so often hear ‘ I got cancer or I have cancer but’


” I HAVE BEEN GIVEN ’ ….. Immediately opens up an opportunity and choice.

I now consciously choose to look at what is there, as a  growth opportunity.

I can choose to use what I am given or discard it.

Before having the ability to make the choice, I have to recognizes/ unwrap what I have been given. I am then open to look inside at the resources I have.

‘ I have been given cancer to….”  This is a positive forward moving verbalization of the options  I have.

I also have a choice to find a coach to help and guide me to unlock/unblock what resources I possess.

We do not need to learn new coping skills from anyone else we need to find our own to solve our own situation in our own life.




It is vital that we do this with awareness on the ‘ small events and not wait for   ‘ big’ make changes. We are given opportunities  all the time.

During our day it’s important to check in with the self.

. ‘What have I been given today?’

‘What do I want to do with it?’

We always have choices and free will.