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 PERCEPTIONS We all have perceptions. These perceptions are of others and ourselves. Right or wrong, we do treat people based on THESE  perceptions of them and we get treated, interacted with, based on THESE  perception of us. Perceptions do change, they shift with time and circumstances but still it’s my perception of you in this

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White pepper/ sadness- find your inner power


ALL WE NEED IS IN US WE hold our own power Cliche ? … the difficulty is to release it. To  recognize that, the little thought that popped into our head, is the very thing we need in that moment. its this little thought/solution which goes unnoticed. All the old ideas, which are

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Good and Bad days


No day is emotionally stagnant . We all go through amazing emotions in a day, hour or minute and yet we only notice the ‘bad ‘ones.  That then is how we classify the entire day. The one emotion that came up, when we took a second to stop and feel controls our day and energy.

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This being my first blog I need to start with explaining where the information comes from.. Being a body based type I think, create and feel better when my body is busy. I have found over the last 20 years that huge amounts of information come to me while I dry my hair. Some

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