White pepper/ sadness- find your inner power


WE hold our own power

Cliche ? … the difficulty is to release it.

To  recognize that, the little thought that popped into our head, is the very thing we need in that moment.

its this little thought/solution which goes unnoticed.

All the old ideas, which are so full of wisdom, are the very ideas we need.

We ,however ,doubt our own mind, we question and try to explain away the value because it seems too simple.

Life is simple.

The only way to open this for ourselves is self observation.

The Questions to ask ourselves… when last did I recognize that I was sad?

When did sad go out of ‘fashion’?
Depressed took over from sad and yet they are totally different emotions.

This reminds me of pepper- white pepper is never mentioned in a recipe anymore.
White pepper and salt are not on dinner tables anymore.

Black pepper, ground Himalayan salt that’s in fashion. So white pepper just disappears and yet it tastes totally differently to black pepper. It is a really subtle amazing flavor but it’s ‘out of fashion’, passé , old school.
We don’t even notice that it has slipped into oblivion. The same applies to sad as well as many other ‘ gentle’ emotions.

Our emotions, all of them, need to be recognized, accepted and honoured as part of the amazing world we have inside ourselves.

The same applies to thoughts and sensations.

When we recognize all these beautiful subtle, as well as, powerful emotions we begin to live more effectively in the now.

We want spice in our lives but we don’t notice when its there.

We disregard the old emotions. The subtle gentle ones and seek the strong powerful ones.

This is exactly what  exhausts us mentally and emotionally and of course physically, as all three are connected.

Seek the subtle flavours and live them with the same regard and attention you experience the others.

Be aware of spice overload its just overpowering and the joys become lost.