Large amounts of time, energy and money are spent on brand development .

The buzz word in the business world has been skills development and team building. These are very valuable but developing an understanding and respect for each individual has to be the beginning of Developing the greatest asset  in any business…PEOPLE.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”


Corporate Workshops

  • Companies that are trying to amalgamate/change management (restructuring etc)
  • For your teams and employees, helping them to motivate, guide and assist one another for the goals and vision of the organization.
  • Increased productivity
  • Ironing out  ‘personality clashes’ which can sabotage not only the people involved but the entire business.
  • Identifying strengths of individuals and groups and utilizing them to speed up success.
  • Understanding different management styles, which WILL present irrespective of the management courses attended… we are all individuals .

‘Understood people are happy and productive.’

Small / family/ large corporations are still made up of people and are equally in need of Corporate Mindfulness.


  • Individual development in the corporation.- Getting the best out of everyone
  • Team building  – Firstly recognizing what your team is made of.

  ‘ If you are  leopard, I am a tiger. Both of us have dotted spots.’(N. Sotho)

  • Recognize stress triggers in the business and how they affect each individual from management down.
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