Prior to meeting Melitta, I had faced 15 years of paralysing depression and anxiety. Over the years, I saw a series of doctors, psychologists and therapists — at times there was some relief but I never felt that I was getting to the “heart of the matter”. All this changed when I was fortunate enough to meet Melitta. There were no short cuts and over the course of a few months, Melitta worked with me, using surgical precision, to get to the root causes of my challenges. Melitta gives to you everything thing that she has — at times Melitta was following up on my progress on a daily basis (way beyond the call of duty). Apart from her excellent technical skills, Melitta brings a lot more into the bargain — keen intuitive skills, experience gained whilst working as a psychiatric nurse, warmth/caring and a hefty dose of humour. In addition, Melitta taught me some valuable skills to better cope with the thinking process and my emotions. The investment I made in my time with Melitta could just be the best investment in myself to date. Melitta is a superstar and comes highly recommended.

Rory | Accountant


It took me 42 years to realize that there are other people who think, act and react the same way as I do.  The content of the Enneagram course gave me insight into my, and others’ individuality.  When I “found myself”, the sense of belonging was overwhelmingly comforting.

The recognition of how different and yet how similar we are is a revelation to me daily


The complexities of both, good and bad life experiences, that shape me, are gently unraveled in these deeply insightful and often necessarily painful, private sessions.

What lies beneath these complexities in me are wonderfully and fearfully individualistic. And I go so far as to say it is a sin not to discover who God intended to be.

Melitta you unfolded this for me. With gratitude and Kind regards

 – Michele Jünger 

I met Melitta +- 5 years ago. I met her at just the right time in my life, I was young and needed some guidance. I started the enneagram course with her over eight weeks. The enneagram was a real game changer for me. Melitta used the enneagram as a tool to help me find my strengths and weaknesses and to really work with them to the best of my ability. She allowed me to be my own person but guided me where I needed. She coached me on a business level as well as a personal level. Our sessions were always fun and I left feeling with a renewed sense of hope that whatever challenges I faced I was strong enough to overcome them. She taught me hard work and patience and often pushed me way out of my comfort zone, for this I will always be grateful, because it helped me to see new horizons and possibilities that I never knew existed. She is a wonderful person with a world full of knowledge and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to journey on a path of bettering themselves. She is a real gem!

 – Courtneigh Grundlingh

Working with Melitta has been life changing. I have been working with Melitta for 3 years and she has given me the tools and insights and techniques to make some radical shifts in my life to become a more balanced, centered and empowered version of myself.

She has constantly provided me with love and support throughout our journey and work through my dark side and down times.

I love Melitta and our weekly check in sessions.

 – Kirsten | Australia

I have known Melitta for years, being in school and friends with her daughter, in essence she has seen me grow up and has witnessed the person I have become today, trials and tribulations included!

To say the Enneagram teachings and Melitta changed my life, and the way I think/thought, would be an understatement.

Melitta is the most non-judgmental, deep, kind, knowledgeable, intelligent, modest and patient woman, who I am lucky to call family in my life. She not only opened my eyes to the way we should all be living our lives, by being present, accepting and being our best selves, but also to forgive our past mistakes, and people, to understand why we did /do certain things in our lives at that time and how we should keep learning, creating and evolving from the challenges we all face.

Melitta’s guidance, and mentorship over the last 3 years has transformed me to my core.

Having dealt with much of my personal “stuff” (a constant work in progress as we face obstacles daily that test us), I have retained Melitta in my business capacity as well. The Enneagram is an invaluable and intricate part of my business. I am in the Recruitment industry, dealing with various people every day from all sides of the spectrum, the guidelines I receive from Melitta make my job that much easier and enables the business to flow in the correct sequence so I can focus on expanding it.

The Enneagram also teaches you why people do things a certain way, and how you react, shapes you, your intention, as well as theirs is the foundation of the teachings.

Melitta, I wish you all the happiness, joy and contentment for your new venture. You have given me all of this and more, it is time the shoe is on the other foot.

 – Candice Macdougall | Complement Recruitment